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  A Darkfall Online Clan

-Under construction-

In case someone didn't notice, our old site and forums went down yesterday.

Toorqs was kind enough to provide us with this site which is now going to replace the old one.

All our important posts and announcements were lost on the forums, I hope someone has them stored and could post them again.

This also purged our inactive members, which could be a bad thing if they decide to show up sometime later for they wouldn't be able to find our site anymore.

We are still working on the site but I think this will turn out just fine. We will try to keep the frontpage updated with important notices and that sort of stuff.

I tried making the layout a bit more "Ipswichy". Also the old one was a bit hard on the eyes. I hope nobody kills me for fucking it up.

As you can read on the forums, we need somebody to make us a banner for the front page. If you know your photoshop shit go ahead and make one.

Now go spam the forums a bit to make it look more lively.

- Straiffi

The Thanedom of Ipswich has a New Address!

System, Apr 6, 09 2:53 PM.
This is the new website and forums of The Thanedom of Ipswich.
You can reach the site at address

Enjoy your stay and spam the forums.
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